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Breitling Replica Watches's debut of the first Project AMC was at Westime Miami. We were intrigued. This $2 million+ limited edition atomic clock mechanically sets, winds and regulates Breitling Replica Watches watches it is paired up with.

Westime hosted a party at its Miami store to celebrate the completion of its first AMC during Art Basel Miami. Felix Baumgartner, the founder of Breitling Replica Watches and Martin Frei were both present to host the party.

Felix Baumgartner & Martin Frei

In an exclusive interview, Baumgartner told Revolution.Watch that this was the first time they had presented the AMC final project with the mechanical watch and the atomic time reference "paired" and "fully connected." Westime, our long-time representative and partner in the United States was chosen. This project reflects our artistic and technical visions.Blancpain Replica Watches We spent eight years creating this unique Time Machine. It is also artistic because the project itself can be seen as a reflection on time. It is not a coincidence that the unveiling occurred during Miami Art Basel. It had to happen in public. "We wanted people to be able to see this'monster,' but also the beauty and fascination of two machines that can communicate and exchange information mechanically by touching each other."

Greg Simonian was not unaware of the significance of this moment. Simonian believes that Breitling Replica Watches's AMC represents a major achievement. Only three AMCs will ever be made, and they will all be sold exclusively in North Westime is proud to be the first host for this beast! Miami is just the beginning."

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